U.S. Patent No. 6,272,672


The invention described here promises to simplify greatly the building of GUI applications for Web pages, smart phones, and other GUI devices, including those in the new iPad category and ordinary client-server computer applications. It can thereby substantially enlarge the population of consumers who will be able to build applications for these devices.

The patent’s 151 claims cover all of the following.

    1. A new way of thinking about (i.e., a new conceptual model for) all GUI applications:

      1. That is visual and concrete

      2. That is fundamentally new

      3. That is simpler and more intellectually accessible than programming

      4. That uses a plumbing/wiring visual model.

    2. A new internal execution structure applicable to all GUI applications:

      1. That is isomorphic to (i.e., has the same structure as) the structure of the plumbing/wiring conceptual model

    3. A new graphical tool for building all GUI applications:

      1. That visually presents the plumbing/wiring conceptual model

      2. That simultaneously creates the isomorphic internal execution structure

      3. That acts like a drag-and-drop drawing applications

      4. That simultaneously shows the plumbing/wiring drawing being built by the user and the dynamic user interface of the running application being created by the tool

      5. That immediately reflects in the running application changes the user makes to the plumbing/wiring drawing, and enables inspection of data

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